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Like many a gaming grognard*, I got hooked by Rogue-Trader era Warhammer 40,000. Back then, the game was not marketed at kids** and contained quite a few references to pop culture of the time. Anybody else remember the Legio Metallica? Or the Dreadnought inscribed with 'Ride the Lightning'? Well, Daimler Maclaren Group (Incorporated) - or DMG(Inc) for short - is my own little reference to a once dearly beloved band.


Born out of a merger in SC 0231 between an Austrian-based engineering firm and a major Scottish investment fund, Daimler Maclaren Group (Inc) immediately sold off enough assets to get a majority share in their own Transit Gate, with a view to getting a foothold in a less crowded market. The new headquarters of DMG(Inc) is located in a very promising (if highly litigious) system nicknamed Hooligan's Hole, consisting of several habitable planetary bodies, each with its own fledgling colony. Due to a technical malfunction on a penal ship, Hooligan's Hole has been overrun by a veritable army of lawyers, who have spread throughout the system's bureaucracy much as a Sirani Octoworm invades a host body.

Allegations by rival company Burnez-Y'ranis of corporate espionage, insider trading and outright blackmail during the buyout were eventually quashed; the local free press did find it somewhat suspicious that the orbital headquarters of BY was holed by a series of micro-meteorites while the defence grid was down for scheduled maintenance. DMG(Inc) CEO August Jane Maclaren III is on record as stating that "sadly, even million-to-one chances sometimes happen".

Having established a solid income base from Transit fees, DMG(Inc) has recently expanded their interests by selling engineering supplies, weapons, munitions, systems and occasionally entire frames to all and sundry. Production capacity is currently small but steadily increasing with demand.

Under pressure from the Patent Enforcement Union (generally pronounced "Pee-yew!" by good, honest entrepeneurs everywhere), DMG(Inc) were forced to modify their frame designs by a minimum of 11.5% or face punitive remunerative action. Retroactive charges were not laid; the later appearance of DMG(Inc) systems on PEU Enforcer frames is entirely unrelated.

The following is an entry from the DMG(Inc) Spring Hardware Catalogue of SC 0248 >>>

The first entirely original (and therefore, we remind you, subject to Patent Enforcement Union regulation) frame system off our production line this quarter is the DMG-A12 Vectored Thruster System, a vectored jet-pack suitable for frames roughly around the size of an ST-07B 'Chub'.

The -A12 uses minimal base load system power and is used in short bursts to clear obstacles or gain a brief overview of the battlefield. Although suitable for zero-G operations, it is not suitable for atmospheric re-entry.

Daimler Maclaren Group (Inc) is not to be held accountable for damage toor loss of any frames which are deployed contrary to the A12's instruction manual.

>>> ENDS

* Grognard: A soldier of Napoleon's Old Guard; a veteran soldier; grumbler*** (French).

** see: "Realms of Chaos" random mutation table result 'Crown of Phalluses'.

*** this last part is most apt in my particular case.

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